Dear David. I feel that the Roterberg concept is unfairly negated by many magicians these days. I published a very deceptive (imho) routine using it in my 1997 book, Protean Card Magic. Basically, the 6&9 are inserted into the deck by the spectator and INSTANTLY sandwich a previously selected card. The card is face up between the face-down 6&9.

I also use the idea for a "mystery card" effect in my 2017 book, Article 52.

Thank you for YOUR routine. ♥ Paul Gordon

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First Class as always David, thank you.

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For Sally :

you try to find a chosen card. you take 4 cards, you turn it face up but nothing happens. when you turn over the chosen card (you know it via à si stebbins stack) you do long tall sally !

Congratulation for this news letter

Kind regards

Alain Gesbert

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